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About Us

Kumar is an entrepreneur, he has a strong vision of success, as a leader and mentor,
Kumar believes in a Win-Win situation helping others on their journey to be financially free.
He is passionate about using his knowledge which he gained from his mentor to positively impact others and help them transform their lives.

Kumar’s Story

Kumar has a master degree in computer science from the Delhi university, he has been successfully working in the IT industry from the past 15+ yrs. He was involved in various projects in US, Uk and in India. One thing he realized that instead of treading his time for $ why not work part-time and build his own enterprise. He always had a desire to be an entrepreneur, few years ago he met his mentor who is a very successful entrepreneur and helping others to build their own enterprise across 100+ countries.

Today, Kumar is a E-commerce & marketing enthusiastic.
He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences to help others become a serving leader and achieve financial freedom.